Sport, on one hand, is a physical activity that requires a lot of discipline and brings many benefits to our lives, and on the other hand, success is what you attract thanks to the person you become day by day, so that, if we begin to work on our personal development, we will get closer to that so-called “success.” One of the tools for this is undoubtedly physical exercise. Then imagine combining this with your work team, where you share that enthusiasm for the same goal… think about it. But we still have to define “Teambuilding“.


The word “Teambuilding” has countless definitions nowadays and yet one of the best definitions is given by Brawley & Paskevich as a method to help a group of people to achieve 4 goals:

  • Satisfy the needs of team members.
  • Increase the effectiveness of a team.
  • Improve working conditions.
  • Improve team cohesion.

Newman, on the other hand, states that “other studies maintain that it is a method to promote and increase the sense of unity, cohesion, and allow the team to function more fluidly and effectively.”
However, all these definitions, in the end, lead us to a common point, that teambuilding is defined within the context of sport, as a method to facilitate consistent and effective teamwork through the achievement of the group’s objectives and the development of social relationships, which aims to improve individual and/or team results.


Teambuilding for companies enhance teamwork, unite us as colleagues, make us have a pleasant time and allow us to disconnect from the stress at work and free our minds, leaving space to creativity.
When you do these activities with your co-worker, what you achieve is to be able to connect in a different way with them, to get to know them better and to be able to share the enthusiasm of achieving some common goals, which will help to improve the working relationship. This, together with the own growth that you are experiencing, will be transformed into success not only personal but also business.


Physical activity not only helps to be fit, but it also brings emotional balance, better performance and, ultimately, more happiness. In fact, the movement creates emotion, as we can see in this great article on neuroscience and physical exercise, so if we activate and get up from bed or our comfortable sofa, I guarantee that you are earning much more than you think:

  • Increases motivation and satisfaction of workers.
  • Improves communication.
  • Improves the relationship between workers.
  • It helps to reduce stress.
  • Increases the creativity of the teams.
  • Improves the work environment.
  • Promotes a positive attitude in the team.
  • Increases and enhances the sense of belonging to the work team.
  • Power leadership traits within teams.

In the end, the important thing is to understand that sport as a tool to promote teamwork will help us strengthen ties, not only with colleagues but with ourselves. Which will make us more productive and efficient, thus contributing more to the company. Once all the members of a team embrace this level of motivation, things can only go to one place … TO SUCCESS.

In Valenfit we want to support you with special plans for your company, so if you want to try a class and see the results for yourself.


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