Your online training plan is completely designed by our team of trainers, totally personalized and adapted to your objectives, depending on your needs: If you are going to train with or without material at home , outdoors , in a gym , if you have you have to prepare physical tests or you have a specific sporting goal .

You will have exclusive access to the web platform with your personal username and password and you will receive a web form, which is important that you answer as specifically as possible in order to evaluate your profile and design your training plan.

You can book your first video call to make faces, comment on any questions about the plan, get to know us and make any changes to the plan received through the platform.

Weekly reviews are carried out. Every week, in your private profile you can fill in the data about your weight and measurements and also, if you wish, upload a photo to see the follow-up. You can ask all your questions through the platform.

In your profile you will be able to follow a calendar of activities to carry out, all your monthly planning, with specific exercises to meet your objectives and with explanatory videos.

The most important thing is that you achieve your goal and keep it. Constancy makes a habit, so we recommend a 3 or 6-month subscription so that together we can work in depth and really achieve your goals.

Monthly, trimestral or semi-annual plan.

Personalized training plan adapted to your goals.

Database with exercise videos.

Video call or initial call.

Resolution of doubts through the platform.

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