¿What can I do to join?

You have two different options. 1. Ask for your trial session. Go to the upper menu, click on TRIAL SESSION and follow the steps to sign up. Once you’ve tried it, you can choose your monthly plan.

2. Through the “Memberships” and “Timetable” tabs. Click on a membership or one specific class to book a session.

2. Through the “Memberships” and “Timetable” tabs. Click on a membership or one specific class to book a session.

You just need water, comfortable sportswear and a lot of energy!

We recommend to always bring a sport mat but it’s not compulsory, except for our Yoga/GAPilates where you will need to bring your own as well as adherent socks to avoid slipping.

¿Do I need to pay a joining fee?

In Valenfit we want sport to be within everyone’s reach so our memberships are affordable and none of them have a joining fee.

¿Is booking a session compulsory?

Yes and it’s really easy to do. With our App VALENFIT, in “bookings” you can click in the class you are interested in. The spots are open from 48h hours until half an hour before each class. You can also book through the web but don’t forget to accept the third party cookies.

If it rains, are the classes cancelled?

No, there are no excuses. If it rains, there is always a plan B. The trainer will report the Plan B of each training point.

How long are our classes?

Our classes are one hour long. We start with a warm-up and always end with stretching.

What level of training do you need to have?

Valenfit classes are for all levels since each exercise can be adapted to each person doing more or less repetitions with more or less weight or intensity. There are people of all levels.

Can you bring pets?

Many people bring their pets and leave them tied to a tree If yours behaves well, no problem!

What can I do if no schedule suits me?

You can create your own group. If you want a normal group training, paying the unlimited classes subscription, you will have to gather at least 7-8 people, choose 2 days a week, a schedule and a place in Valencia. We will help you through our social networks to get the amount of people.

How can I get free months?

If you bring 2 friends, you get your month for free The free months are cumulative! You will get the same product your friends get or if it’s different, the least expensive one.

How do I identify you?

We always put up a flag and the trainers wear Valenfit t-shirts or sweatshirts. In addition, on the LOCATIONS page you can find photos of the exact place and if you click on HOW TO GET THERE, Google Maps takes you to the exact point.

When does your month at Valenfit expire?

Your plan subscription will expire after 1 month from the day you made your first payment. After that every first day of the month there will be an automatic payment until you unsubscribe. There is no continuance clause so you can unsubscribe whenever you want texting this number 640612944 or an email to info@valenfit.com

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