Sometimes it is difficult to explain who we are to people who don’t know us, but it is very easy… we are the most fun way to exercise and stay fit while doing it outdoors.

We are the kind of nice people that you suddenly find one day when going for a walk, training and having a great time, but we are also a team that is constantly thinking about how to offer what you are looking for so that your way of training is more enjoyable. We are full of motivation and commitment, and we support each other like good friends to make each training session better than the day before. The truth is that today, Valenfit is for all of us. Some motivated by life who leave excuses aside and always get the best out of ourselves… but how did it all start?

We could say that Valenfit is a project created by Pablo Imízcoz, a graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, who after living in Chile, working in various gyms and clinics, decided to initiate the adventure of offering a different way of exercising

Pablo is one of the most motivating and cheerful people you can meet, he is one of those who thinks that dreams are meant to be fulfilled and giving up is not part of his plans. He wanted not only to live off his passion, sport, but also to show it to the world and that everyone could enjoy this great idea, hence Valenfit was born in June 2016.

The main idea was to enjoy outdoor sports in the most flexible way possible adapted to all people, especially those who do not like to do cardio on the elliptical surrounded by four walls or who expect a little more than a simple routine and some weights.

The path was not always easy, but after much effort we have managed to bring this idea to reality thanks to the great team of professionals that we are today, and who will adapt to your preferences and schedules. You will meet new people, you will have fun, you will motivate yourself and at the same time you will achieve your goals.

We try to make you enjoy the road to your goal and when you reach it, we celebrate it together.

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